Placement of a branded bottle.

We offer to produce and place a 3D model of any branded bottle (beer, soft drinks, etc). We can also rotate video ad of the product for 5-15 seconds while the bottle spins. Place your product – and lock out your competitors!

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Playing advertising video or animated message during the flirt game.

While the bottle is spinning we will show your advertising video or animated message for 5-15 seconds. This ad will be visible to all chat participants.

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Overlay banner

The banner pops up as a graphic overlay when a user tries to enter the room which users cannot miss - otherwise the user cannot enter the room. During the gameplay (average 2-3 hours) the user goes from room to room 8-9 times while watching the banner advertisement.

  Video chat Bottle Game - Spin the bottle 

Advertisement in the chat.

Within certain time intervals a private chat window pops up. The player thinking that someone has invited him for a private chat clicks on the window and sees the banner. Tricky, but all's fair in love and war!

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Conversation Bubbles/Stars.

The format of the advertising message can be created and customized. The message will appear at the players’ window.

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